Embraer launches electric helicopter

EmbraerX’s eVTOL concept is the first of several the company is working on, together with companies like Uber, to explore the future urban air taxi role.

EmbraerX, the research division of Brazilian aerospace manufacturer Embraer, unveiled its first eVTOL concept during the 2nd annual Uber Elevate 2018 summit held in Los Angeles, California in May.

The eVTOL concept was announced by Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva, President and CEO of Embraer on May 8, 2018, who said the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle was developed after “extensive interaction” with potential operators.

Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva said: “We are relentless in our quest for constant growth and through EmbraerX we will drive disruptive innovation and accelerate the creation of new businesses with the potential for exponential growth.”

He added: “Urban mobility is ripe for transformation and we are committed to having a major role in this key market.”

EmbraerX President and CEO, Antionio Campello, said his organisation was already engaged in several other projects, including the development of various eVTOL concepts in conjunction with a number of businesses within the Uber Elevate system.

Campello was bold with his statements. He said: “We are developing solutions to bring on-demand air transportation to urban areas to improve the quality of life for millions of people. Our collaboration with key stakeholders will accelerate the arrival of this new ecosystem.”

Campello added: “This is one example of how EmbraerX is committed to exploring a range of disruptive products and services that could revolutionise the business of air transportation.”

EmbraerX said the eVTOL concept represented an air vehicle which is designed to carry passengers within an urban environment safely, is required to be affordable, and to have a low environmental footprint, in terms of noise and emissions.

The company said: “Leveraging Embraer’s experience and longstanding relationships with aircraft certification authorities around the globe, EmbraerX will ensure that safety design drivers meet and exceed the highest industry standards.”