Embraer unveils Energia family of FOUR new aircraft concepts

Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has announced a family of concept aircraft which it hopes will help the aviation industry achieve the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Dubbed the Energia family, the four concepts of varying sizes incorporate different propulsion technologies – electric, hydrogen fuel cell, dual fuel gas turbine, and hybrid-electric.

The Energia H2 Gas Turbine (E50-H2GT) is expected to seat between 35 and 50 passengers. All images Embraer

Embraer is evaluating each for its technical and subsequent commercial viability.

The Energia Hybrid (E9-HE) is a nine-seat aircraft with a hybrid-electric powerplant and read mounted engines. It’s expected to reach technological readiness in 2030.

Meanwhile, the fully electric Energia Electric (E9-FE) is also set to carry nine passengers but will feature aft contra-rotating propeller is expected to be ready by 2035.

Energia formation flight
Left: Energia Hybrid (E9-HE) Right: Energia H2 Gas Turbine (E50-H2GT) Top: Energia H2 Fuel Cell (E19-H2FC) Bottom: Energia Electric (E9-FE).

With 19 seats, the Energia H2 Fuel Cell (E19-H2FC) will be ready the same year and will feature rear-mounted electric engines powered through a hydrogen-electric propulsion system.

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