Emirates self-service check-in kiosks go contactless

Passengers now have the option of using their phones from check-in to boarding without the need for contact

UAE flag carrier Emirates recently announced that its self-service check-in and bag drop kiosks at Dubai International – which were introduced in September of last year – are now contactless.

Passengers no longer need to touch the screens at bag drop off and check-in as they can now be controlled from the customer’s mobile phone.

The kiosks allow travellers to check-in, receive their boarding pass, choose seats and drop off their bags without the need to interact with terminal staff.

Photo Emirates 

Additional features have also been added to enable customers to make ancillary purchases, such as excess baggage allowance, directly from the kiosks.

Situated at the economy check-in area in Terminal 3, the kiosks compliment the staff operated desks to reduce waiting times for customers during peak travel periods.

The service is available for passengers wanting to travel to most destinations however, customers wanting to get to the US, Canada, China, India and Hong Kong are unable to use the service currently due to additional requirements.

Those travelling through the airport can also choose to use the biometric path, which uses the latest facial technology to seamlessly travel from check-in to boarding.

Digital menus are available on the Emirates app which can be used during the flights to browse options both online and offline.

Additionally, the app can also be used to create a playlist of up to 4,500 channels of inflight entertainment.

The airline says it has implemented smart technology to ensure customer safety and to improve travel experience.