Envirotainer unveils pallet solution

Secure cold chain solutions provider Envirotainer has launched the Releye RAP, which holds five Euro pallets.

The largest of Envirotainer’s new-generation Releye containers, the RAP is the only one of its type in the world, combining big capacity with superior features, according to the company.     

Designed to meet the strict requirements governing pharmaceutical air freight, the integrated live monitoring enables a unique insight into product condition, location and progress of the shipment.

With its increased efficiency and capacity, the RAP reaches substantial CO2 reductions per shipment, and is the future solution for secure cold chain shipments, Envirotainer believes. All shipments are monitored and maintained via Control Tower, a new Envirotainer service that enables a global team of operators to follow a shipment’s every move, ready to respond within minutes to any critical event.

The Releye RAP is the second in a family of advanced temperature-controlled air freight containers Envirotainer is developing. It joins the three-pallet Releye RLP launched in 2021.

“When we launched the Releye RLP in May 2021, we raised the bar in cold chain transportation to new heights of control, monitoring and autonomy. Now, with the launch of Releye RAP, we raise the bar yet another notch in terms of value and sustainability", said Envirotainer CEO Peter Gisel-Ekdahl.

Linus Wollentz, head of digital services at Envirotainer, added: “The Releye series offers unique visibility, and with the Control Tower service, we’re taking visibility to another level. Based on the most sophisticated live monitoring technology in the market, and our 24/7/365 customer service, we are monitoring all Releye shipments, offering our customers a helping hand within 15 minutes of any potential event happening, in order to secure the safe delivery of pharmaceuticals.”

Swiss WorldCargo is expected to be one of the first carriers to approve the Releye RAP container for operation.