ERJ Family Upgraded

X-Crafts ERJ Family

X-Crafts has announced version 1.14 of the ERJ Family for X-Plane is now available.

Aircraft Related Changes:

  • Corrected EICAS fuel flow readouts to ensure pounds values are shown with the PPH (pounds per hour) indication, and kilograms values for KPH (kilograms per hour)
  • Revised the above readouts to ensure they were still visible with AVIONICS 1 and AVIONICS 2 in the OFF position.

ERJ Functions:

  • Speed brake automation now uses the mouse for all flight control inputs. The throttle position and the position of the reverser buckets is animated to be sure that the reversers are not deployed before automatically closing the speed brakes
  • Revised internal data structures for greater code efficiency.

To upgrade to the latest version, simply run the SkunkCrafts updater plug-in from within X-Plane.