Cessna 145 Airmaster D-EUCP/NC19495 landing at Wershofen on 1 September for the biennial Classic-Cessna meeting.

At the biennial Classic-Cessna meeting on 1-2 September at Wershofen airfield, near the famous Nürburgring racing circuit, Europe’s oldest flying Cessna re-emerged after more than 20 years to become the unquestioned star among the 100 participating aircraft. Cessna 145 Airmaster D-EUCP (c/n 463) was built in 1939, and operated for many years in southern Germany as NC19495 until going into hibernation. It now has a new owner who bases it near Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, and it will finally be flown regularly again.

A 1940-built 165 Airmaster, G-BTDE (c/n 551), powered by a Warner Super Scarab of 165hp, is owned by Robert Screen of Northwich, Cheshire and there are three restoration projects in Norway, Germany and the UK. During the 1930s, a total of 183 Airmasters of several variants were built.