Ex-BA 747s NOT going to Russian airline

Rumours that Rossiya Airlines was set to buy seven British Airways jumbos proved to be false

Over the weekend there were reports that Rossiya Airlines was to acquire seven former British Airways jumbos. Key.Aero can confirm these stories to be considerably wide of the mark.  

The rumours stated that the Russian airline was due to take delivery of seven 20-year-old Boeing 747-436s, following their retirement from the UK flag carrier earlier this year. 

A spokesperson for the operator confirmed to Key.Aero that the rumours were completely unfounded. 

British Airways is in the process of removing its 31 remaining Boeing 747s from service. BA

The aircraft in question were G-BYGA through to G-BYGG, which were reported to be in line for delivery during October and November. 

Rossiya – which is a subsidiary of the Russian flag carrier Aeroflot – currently operates nine General Electric CF6-powered Boeing 747-400s on domestic routes throughout the country. British Airways’ jumbos use the Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines. 

In July, British Airways announced that all 31 of its remaining 747s had flown their last commercial services and so far, eight have been retired from use.