FA Simulations’ Helsinki Metropolitan VFR

More than a plausible rendition…

I've never liked ‘plausibility’. It always seems to do a lot of the heavy lifting in situations where plausibility is needed. For example, I'd like to go out and drink 10 shots of vodka and not get a hangover. We can argue it's 'plausible' but in reality, I'm probably gonna spend the night hugging a toilet feeling like there's a pickaxe embedded in my brain. In the world of X-Plane, plausibility is working overtime. X-Plane 11 (XP11) and its so-called plausible world sounded great. A world that would look as you'd expect, kinda. It would be plausible if not realistic. For me, plausible the world was not. Apart from a few subsets of German-style buildings and vehicles, most of the XP11 plausible world was anything but. Everywhere felt like North America, except where the German autogen subbed for European places. If there wasn't good Open Street Map (OSM) data, a place could feel empty. While I love a lot of XP11's features, the plausible world isn't one of them.

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