Falcon 50 touches down in X-Plane

Carenado has announced that the FA50 Ex for X-Plane 11 has been released.

Based on the high-performance flagship from Dassault Aviation, the aircraft from Carenado features 4K Physically Based Rendering (PBR) textures along with dynamic reflections and realistic metal/dielectric material effects.

The aircraft comes with six liveries and a blank template for creating custom paint schemes. Carenado has modelled the electrical, fuel, hydraulic, bleed air and pressurisation systems with in-depth annunciator logic, aural warnings and throttles with functioning latches.

Up front, the flight deck comes with custom Proline21 avionics, an integrated Flight Management Computer (FMC) and an autopilot with a detachable pop-up window.

The aircraft also supports the RealityXP GTN750 and is Goodway-compatible. Other highlights include Virtual Reality (VR) support, icing and rain effects on the windscreen (requires Librain plugin) and an FMOD sound set with distance effects and realistic thrust reverse sounds. The FA50 Ex is available for $39.95 (approx £32) on the Carenado website: www.carenado.com/sitecarenado/product/fa50-xplane-11.