First Kuwait Typhoon deliveries

Kuwait has taken delivery of its first two Eurofighter Typhoons. The Tranche 3A aircraft, both twin-seaters, were flown to Kuwait on December 14, still wearing temporarily taped on Italian test serials M.T.55243 and M.T.55244, having previously been test flying as CSX55243 and CSX55244.

In-flight refuelling support for the delivery flight was provided by a pair of Aeronautica Militare Italiana (AMI – Italian Air Force) KC-767A tankers, (MM)62229 ‘14-04’ plus one unidentified, both from 14° Storm/8° Gruppo at Pratica di Mare. They were escorted by two AMI Eurofighters from 4° Stormo at Grosseto.

KAF Typhoons
Kuwait Air Force two-seat Eurofighter Typhoons M.T. 55243 and M.T.55244 during their delivery flight on December 14. AMI

They had been formally handed over to the Kuwait Air Force (KAF) at Leonardo’s facility in Turin-Caselle, Italy, on December 7. Both had made their maiden flights from Caselle on the same day, October 15. The KAF has ordered 28 of the type, comprising eight twin-seaters and 22 single-seat aircraft. The weapons package for the type will include Brimstone and Storm Shadow air-to-ground weapons, while equipment fit will include Captor E-scan radar and the Lockheed Martin Sniper laser designation pod.