First Orbx Expansion for X-Plane released

Orbx has entered the X-Plane market with the release of KCGX Merrill C Meigs Field for X-Plane 11.


Few airports hold as much nostalgia for flight simulation enthusiasts as Meigs Field. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, it was the default starting point for early versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator and the main gateway to corporate Chicago for over half a century until it was unexpectedly closed in March 2003.

Now, 15 years later, it has been recreated by Orbx as it was in its final years of operation.

The package features a fully modelled terminal, highly detailed static aircraft and other historically accurate elements. In addition to the airfield itself, the Chicago waterfront and parks district has received a facelift to bring the area up-to-date.

Other highlights include famous Chicago landmarks such as Soldier Field, Cloudgate, Adler Planetarium, Navy Pier and The Shedd. The Chicago skyline has been recreated including the Sears Tower, Aeon Center, Trump Tower, Hancock Centre and improved ‘generic’ models for many other towers.

Main features:

Detailed interior model of the terminal

Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and night-lighting

Ground imagery at 30cm per pixel

Beautifully modelled static aircraft

10m mesh

Animated people

Thousands of accurately placed autogen buildings

Designed by Alex Goff and Tim Harris.