First phase testing completed for GX30 terminal

Inmarsat Government, Boeing Commercial Satellite Services and Orbit Communications Systems have announced the Orbit GX30 multi-purpose terminal (MPT) demonstration system has completed first phase testing with users over Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) network and high-capacity, global military Ka-band.

In a joint September 9 release the companies stated the development followed the delivery of the Orbit GX46 MPT 46cm antenna systems that have been in production since 2020. The GX system is the world’s first globally available seamless mobile wideband and has been in US government service since 2014 for communications across the land, sea and air domains.

The GX30 terminal delivered a 126Mbps+ forward link and a 29Mbps+ return link, with the MPT terminal is designed to maintain uninterrupted connectivity to the network during all flight phases. Orbit Communications Systems

Boeing’s managed network service of the Inmarsat global military Ka-band (HCX) system provides US government users with global connectivity. Using hosted payloads on the Inmarsat 5 satellites, Boeing stated that it can provide users 100-740MHz of steerable, bi-directional spot beam capacity.

This allows for both manual steering and closed-loop steering to always keep the designated user or platform in the centre of the beam with the highest possible radiated power.

GX30 is a modular, multi-role terminal that operates in both the GX commercial and military Ka-band utilising a 30cm antenna. The fully integrated three Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) terminal consists of a RF antenna assembly, a Ka-band Power Supply Unit and a Modem Unit including Inmarsat’s G-MODMAN for Global Xpress service and the Boeing WC5000 for military Ka-band high throughput applications.