First Typhoon for 51° Stormo

AMONG THE static display items at Istrana on September 13 was Aeronautica Militare F-2000A MM7316 ‘51-01’ – the first in the markings of the resident 51° Stormo. The Typhoon wears a toned-down version of the wing’s black cat and three green mice emblem on its tail.

51 Stormo Typhoon [Marco Rossi]
Eurofighter F-2000A MM7316 ‘51-01’ on display at Istrana on September 13, 2019. Marco Rossi

Since January 2017 a Typhoon quick reaction alert (QRA) detachment has operated from Istrana on a rotational basis, with different units providing fighter cover for northern Italy. However, the jets involved have never worn ‘51-xx’ codes.

The appearance of an F-2000 in 51° Stormo markings suggests a fighter flight dedicated to QRA duties may in future be embedded into the 132° Gruppo or that the 22° Gruppo will be reactivated to fulfil this role.