FlightSafety and GE Digital unveil data deal

FlightSafety International and GE Digital have joined forces to use actual flight data to reduce flight risks through improved training delivery.

In this partnership, unlike any other in the business aviation industry, according to the partners, GE Digital will provide data-driven Corporate Flight Operations Quality Assurance (C-FOQA) insights to FlightSafety, which will use them to enhance training. This will ensure pilots are prepared for any possible threat before the risks are real. 

More than 300 operators and 1,000+ aircraft are part of the C-FOQA community, able to make use of automatic processing of flight data with a library of over 200 events and more than 2,000 measurements that monitor everything from simple aircraft limitation exceedances to highly advanced risk-based modelling.

“Actual flight data will allow us to tailor training to address safety threats before crews even experience them,” said Brad Thress, president and CEO of FlightSafety International. “FlightSafety employs a risk-based approach to training and partnering with GE Digital. Its C-FOQA data will have incredible applications for us on approach stability, touch down point control, procedure compliance and runway safety, among others.”

The FlightSafety/GE Digital partnership will promote continuous improvement to proactively mitigate risks to flight operations.