Maddog for Microsoft Flight Simulator Released

Leonardo Software has announced Fly the Maddog X for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) is out now.


Fly the Maddog X is based on the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 passenger version with the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-217A powerplants. According to the developer, the package sports 16 authentic liveries, study-level systems, fully functional flight deck and a Honeywell FMS with PFPX/SimBrief integration.

Fly the Maddog for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The flight and engine models were tested using actual performance tables and input from MD-82 pilots. The aircraft also features undocumented characteristics that pilots experience when flying the real aircraft.

Fly the Maddog for Microsoft Flight Simulator

It comes with a custom load manager for setting the weight and balance, a flight planner and an option for setting the panel states (Cold & Dark, Ready at Gate or Ready for Take-Off). The aircraft integrates with the MSFS ecosystem allowing for operational jetways, catering and baggage loader.

Fly the Maddog for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The weather radar (Wx) is currently not functional due to the limitations of the MSFS SDK. Weather radar functionality will be implemented free of charge as soon as the SDK is ready.