Flying Fortress makes road journey

The Experimental Aircraft Association’s Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 44-85740 (N5017N) Aluminium Overcast has returned to its Wittman, Oshkosh home in Wisconsin by road

It had been grounded at Florida Punta Gorda Airport since April 2021 following the discovery of a crack in part of the port wing, and was transported by road to its home so that restoration can continue away from Florida’s storm season. The aircraft completed its journey last month, and the EAA hopes to have the famous warbird flying again in 2024.


In a press release Jeff Toline, EAA’s director of aircraft operations and maintenance, noted: “The EAA teams, our dedicated volunteers, and Florida Air Recovery in Punta Gorda have devoted thousands of hours to this project over the past two years, and we were gratified for their devoted efforts. At this point, it was deemed that the best way to complete the task was to bring the airplane back to Oshkosh, so all the necessary resources could be immediately available.”

The Flying Fortress is transported home by road
The Flying Fortress is transported home by road EAA