Fokker 50 touches down in X-Plane

Carenado F50


Carenado has announced the F50 for X-Plane 11 is now available. Based on the Fokker 50, the aircraft from Carenado features 10 high-definition liveries with 4K textures, PBR effects, dynamic reflections and HDR night lighting.

According to the developer, the flight deck comes with custom annunciators, aural warnings and throttles with functioning latches. Systems simulation includes electrical, fuel, hydraulic, bleed air and pressurisation systems and a turboprop optimised for the new X-Plane 11.30 turbine model.

The aircraft is fitted with the default Laminar Flight Management Computer (FMS) and a custom autopilot, both with detachable pop-up windows. Support for the RealityXP GTN750 is included along with Goodway compatibility. Virtual Reality (VR) is supported, while special effects consist of icing and rain effects.

An FMOD sound pack features distance effects and thrust reverse audio effects. The F50 is available on the Carenado website for $39.95 (£32.60 approx):