Formal Commissioning

Completion of state testing of the Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker destined for the Russian Air and Space Force is set for late 2017, according to Russia’s deputy minister of defence for procurement Yuri Borisov.

He claims more than 50 Su-35S fighters are currently in so-called experimental operation with the air arm. The concluding phase of testing, set to be completed this year, is aimed at exploring and evaluating the Su-35S capabilities in post-stall manoeuvring, a mode of flight dubbed supermanoeuvrability, and evaluation of the effectiveness of new weapons, on-board equipment and the automated flight-control system. All flight testing is being conducted by the 929th State Flight Test Centre at Akhtubinsk. The Su-35S is also deployed on combat operations in Syria, where, according to Borisov, the aircraft has been highly praised by the pilots due to its high combat capability.