Four more Super Tucanos arrive in Afghanistan

An additional four Embraer A-29B Super Tucanos were handed over to the Afghan Air Force (AAF) at a ceremony in Kabul on September 17.

The aircraft wore USAF serials for the ferry flight, with AAF serials taped over. They comprised 13-2003 (c/n 31400203, to be YA1403), 13-2005 (c/n 31400205, to be YA1405), 13-2011 (c/n 31400211, to be YA1511) and 13-2016 (c/n 31400216, to be YA1516).

A-29B Super Tucano (Afghan AF) [NATO]
One of the four newly-delivered Afghan Air Force A-29B Super Tucanos during the official handover ceremony in Kabul on September 17. A further six are due to arrive next year. NATO

The AAF has now received 18 Super Tucanos and a further six are scheduled to arrive in February 2021. The latest arrivals departed from Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. On August 23, they briefly stopped at Glasgow-Prestwick Airport in Scotland, before continuing to Nice, France. They arrived in Kabul on August 28.

Afghanistan’s acting Minister of Defence, Asadullah Khalid, said: “These planes, are a message that NATO is committed to the Afghan Forces, and shows this will continue until the defeat of terrorism in the country and the region.”