Fraport implements license plate detection at Frankfurt Airport’s CargoCity South

The new technology allows visitors to seamlessly travel through Gates 31 and 32 at the site

The operator of Frankfurt Airport, Fraport, has rolled out new technology that automates driving into the hub’s CargoCity South facility.

Cameras situated at Gates 31 and 32 now monitor license plates of arriving visitors and cross reference them with previously stored information. If the data of the approaching vehicle is recognised, the barriers are automatically opened.

Fraport AG
Photo Fraport AG

CargoCity South is one of the busiest areas of the airport, particularly for those working within the freight sector. Employees and operating companies can now access the site with validated airport ID cards, whereas previously visitors were required to step out of their vehicle and personally sign in.

Those wanting to pass through the gates can now register all their details online, to avoid registering manually upon arrival. A QR code is also issued as an alternative form of entry in case any problems occur with the camera system.

Fraport worked in conjunction with software services provider, Arivo to develop and implement the new technology. This advancement is another addition to the airport operator’s digitalisation strategy, in collaboration with its in-house ‘Digital Factory’.

Claud Grunow, the head of strategy at digitation at Fraport AG, said: “We’re committed to driving the digital transformation of our customer processes. Our overriding goal is to continually improve the standard of service enjoyed by both our passengers and employees.”

A project team has been established to constantly update the company’s technological maturity.