Fraport to take over management of security checks at Frankfurt

The firm will oversee the organisation and performance of certified procedures around the airport

Transport company, Fraport AG is set to take over the organisation, financing, management and performance of aviation security from the Federal German Authorities at Frankfurt Airport beginning January 1, 2023.

The takeover is governed by a contract signed by the firm and the Federal Ministry of Interior, Building and Community (BMI).

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, waiting times at the airport’s checkpoints caused many complaints amongst customers and airlines. Therefore, Fraport are hoping to install integrated management systems to improve efficiency and reduce queues.

Fraport AG
Photo Fraport AG

Stefan Schulte, Fraport’s executive board chairman, believes that the “experience and expertise” the company can bring to airport operations, will ultimately work “to the benefit of all passengers”.

The organisation will also be responsible for the procurement of equipment, as well as calculating corresponding fees and invoicing airlines.

In compliance with the requirements defined by the federal police, Fraport will have authority over the opening and closing of safety lines, staff deployment, which BMI-certified devices will be procured and deployed, and which service providers will perform checks.

“The Federal Police remain responsible for all security-related issues and define the requirements we must fulfil,” said Pierre Dominique Prumm, Fraport board member and executive director of aviation and infrastructure. “This ensures that security remains the overriding principle.”

He added: “In close cooperation with the federal authorities, we will now move quickly to draw up an infrastructure plan and to establish the parameters for future collaboration with service providers for security screenings. Our strategic and operational plans for the organisation and performance of security checks will also be closely coordinated with the corresponding government agencies and the airlines.”

The ministry remains the most senior aviation authority in Germany and will outline specifications for checks under the supervision of the federal police.