French ALSR deploys to Djibouti for trials

One of the Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace’s (AAE’s, French Air and Space Force’s) two new Beechcraft King Air 350ER Vecteur Aéroporté de Désignation Observation et Reconnaissance (VADOR, Vector for Observation and Reconnaissance Designation) intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft has been recently deployed to Djibouti for hot weather trials.

AAE King Air 350ER VADOR and Mirage 2000 [AAE/EC 03.011 'Corse']
French Air and Space Force King Air 350ER VADOR 1030/F-RACH flies a test sortie from Djibouti accompanied by a French Mirage 2000. AAE/EC.3.11 ‘Corse’

The VADOR – also known as the Avion Léger de Surveillance et de Reconnaissance (ALSR, Light Surveillance and Reconnaissance Aircraft) – was undertaking its first mission to an overseas theatre. The aircraft – serial 1030/F-RACH (c/n FL-1030), operated by Escadron Électronique Aéroporté (EEA, Airborne Electronic Squadron) 01.054 ‘Dunkerque’ at Base Aérienne 105 (BA105, Air Base 105) Evreux-Fauville – was deployed to BA188 Djibouti from April 28 to May 21.

The hot weather trials were used to determine how much logistical support might be needed and how the onboard equipment was affected in this type of environment, which exhibits similar conditions to those that will be experienced by the platform and its crews in future operational missions.