Frequentis Comsoft integrates space-based ADS-B data into Isavia’s surveillance infrastructure

Isavia ANS, Iceland’s Air Navigation Service Provider, selected Frequentis Comsoft to integrate its space-based ADS-B surveillance data sources with the ground-based infrastructure consisting of radars, ADS-B ground stations and multilateration.

The addition of space-based ADS-B to Isavia ANS’ current surveillance capabilities extends Isavia’s current ground-based air traffic surveillance framework, focusing on enhancing the real-time air traffic surveillance in the North-Atlantic surveillance corridor connecting Europe and North America to all customers.

Frequentis Comsoft has provided surveillance data quality analysis and tracker tuning services for the integration of space-based ADS-B surveillance data feeds into Isavia ANS’ main surveillance data processing system (SDP), the EUROCONTROL ARTAS tracker. This extension of Isavia ANS’ surveillance infrastructure enlarges surveillance coverage and closes coverage gaps both over Greenland and the Atlantic Ocean.

“We have worked with Frequentis Comsoft for many years, trusting their expertise in surveillance. We are pleased to now be able to further increase the quality of our surveillance data to support the demands of our airspace,” says Arnar Thorarinsson, Manager ATM Systems, Isavia ANS.

Isavia ANS current configuration, based on ground-based ADS-B sources in Iceland, Greenland, and Faroe Islands, radar sources in Iceland and multilateration network, provided by Frequentis Comsoft Quadrant sensors, was the starting point of the work. The reliability and accuracy of surveillance data is critically important for safe and efficient Air Traffic Management (ATM) because losing access to surveillance data in one section of airspace can significantly reduce Air Traffic Control (ATC) services.

Surveillance data quality analysis performed by Frequentis Comsoft has ensured the reliability and accuracy of the new surveillance data for the Reykjavik Control Area as well as the correct transmission characteristics. An iterative tuning approach for the EUROCONTROL ARTAS tracker has been followed to achieve the integration of the combined set of surveillance data sources into one seamless and enlarged air situation picture. The resulting EUROCONTROL ARTAS service meets the requirements of the EUROCONTROL Specification for ATM Surveillance System Performance (ESASSP) standard. 

“Frequentis Comsoft provides surveillance data quality analysis and tracker tuning services for the integration of the ADS-B data feeds,” says Thomas Hoffman, Managing Director Frequentis Comsoft. “We have been working with Isavia ANS since 2013 and we are pleased to again be supporting their goals for increased surveillance of their airspace. The latest upgrade has met all Isavia ANS specific requirements, providing best performance and functionality.”