Gatwick publishes sustainability policy

The new strategy highlights the airport’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030, whilst supporting the local economy and community  

Gatwick Airport has published its second “Decade of Change” sustainability policy which outlines the airports goals for its transition to net zero operations over the next ten years.  

The new ambitions incorporate local and national sustainability priorities which plan to enable the hub to limit climate change and work towards its environmental motivations.  

Gatwick Airport
Photo Gatwick Airport 

Included within the new document are strategies to aid the reduction of direct carbon emissions – by 25% by 2030 - produced by the airport, as well initiatives to work with airlines to incorporate SAF into their operations.  

Another goal is to improve local environmental stewardship by achieving zero waste, reducing portable water consumption by 50% per passenger and to continue to protect biodiversity and habitats in the surrounding areas.  

The airport also believe it is important to focus on the local communities by continuing to invest resources into projects that will benefit the local economy, contributing to nearby and regional workforce skill partnerships and increase employee diversity.  

“We met or exceeded our first Decade of Change goals and as we enter the second decade our commitment to a sustainable Gatwick is stronger than ever,” said Stewart Wingate, CEO of Gatwick Airport. “Our policy recognises the importance of taking an integrated approach to economic, societal and environmental issues and solutions.” 

He added: “By combining a healthy economy, sensible use of financial resources, human and technological innovation, teamwork and partnerships, over the next ten years Gatwick will work towards becoming a net zero airport, conserving water and sustaining good jobs and strong, inclusive employment, to benefit the local community, the environment and the economy.” 

Gatwick has also reported on its latest sustainability achievements over the past year, despite being heavily impacted by the global pandemic.  

According to the hub, 95% of flights are being operated by the two cleanest categories of aircraft, 67% of materials collected across the airport are being recycled, £48m was spent on local and regional suppliers last year and the ‘Gatwick Foundation Fund’ awarded 23 grants – totalling to £100,000.