Genetec unveils airport badging solution

Montreal firm Genetec has launched a security centre airport badging solution (ABS) to help airports automate and simplify the credentials process.

To comply with regulations for the credentialing of airport and airline employees and contractors, airports have to undertake complex processes to issue and administer badges or face hefty fines.

Genetec’s ABS is a simplified out-of-the-box solution for airports that supports compliance, simplifies the badging process, and lowers the overhead needed to run a badging department. ABS aims to reduce the need to work with multiple different systems and reduces incompatibility issues.

David Lenot, critical infrastructure practice lead at Genetec, said: “To manage their badging process and employee background checks, some airports have had to resort to a variety of single-purpose systems, while others have opted for complex identity management system (IDMS) that tend to be better suited for larger airports.

“While both options enable airports to remain compliant with regulations, these solutions present operational inefficiencies. ABS helps reduce human error that can stem from managing multiple disconnected systems and avoids the complexities of large-scale IDMS.”

ABS streamlines and automates background checks within an airport’s unified physical security platform, called Genetec Security Centre. The platform helps airports deliver the required information in the correct format to submit and process each employee application.

All data collected on each badge applicant is compiled and stored within the system. Customised dashboards are also included within the Security Centre to highlight insights such as real-time applicant statuses and unaccounted-for badge percentages.