Goodyear Blimp Retires


An era in Goodyear Airship operations recently ended with the retirement of GZ-20A Spirit of Innovation at the company’s blimp base in Carson, California. The public was invited to get up close and personal with the airship, a rare occurrence. The Spirit of Innovation, N4A, was named in June 2006 and is the last of its type. Innovation’s last flight was for the Academy Awards/Oscars in Hollywood on February 25. At the time of writing, it was still being finalised where the decommissioning would happen. The sight of the GZ-20 over southern California will be missed, but a second new semi-rigid model, the Wingfoot Two, is due to arrive at the end of 2017. Ground has been broken for a new landing pad and hangar with a unique inflatable design. No final decision has been made on what will happen to the GZ-20A’s gondola, but it could be loaned to a local aviation museum. Damon Duran