BE2c ‘2612’/ZK-CBE, a TVAL reproduction powered by a reproduction 90hp RAF 1a engine and painted as a No 16 Squadron aircraft, was flown by Bevan Dewes, who is seen cavorting with the TVAL Sopwith Snipe reproduction ‘E7643’/ZK-SBY.

Although the 2019 edition of the biennial Wings over Wairarapa show, held at Masterton, New Zealand from 22-24 February, suffered a wash-out on the final day, those visitors lucky enough to be there on the Saturday witnessed a range of genuine and authentic reproduction World War One aircraft in the air that is not to be seen anywhere else in the world, the high point being a 14-strong biplane/triplane sequence.

Airworthy Masterton-based WW1 machines built or owned by The Vintage Aviator that took to the sky included two examples of the Albatros D.Va, an Albatros D.II, three Royal Aircraft Factory SE5as, a Bristol F2B Fighter, an Airco DH4, a Sopwith Triplane, two Sopwith Pups, two Royal Aircraft Factory BE2s and an RE8, a Fokker Dr.I, a Sopwith Camel and a Sopwith Snipe. The next Wings over Wairarapa in February 2021 could well include an even wider range of WW1 machinery on the programme.