Greenwood Bolingbroke progresses

Also being worked on at Greenwood is Bristol Bolingbroke IVT RCAF 9997, being restored as an RCAF Blenheim IV flown by No 404 Squadron from RAF Thorney Island, Sussex, during 1941. Ian Patrick from the Blenheim restoration team says, “The nose is totally complete, with all the controls and instruments in place, and the seats have been restored with new leather. We need new tyres before we install the wheels, and the wingtips just require installation. The bomb bay is being restored, as the undersurfaces of the aeroplane had extensive damage. We have the engines, and they need cleaning and installation of the propellers.”

LEFT: Bolingbroke IVT RCAF 9997, after painting to represent a No 404 Squadron, RCAF Blenheim IV.