Guadalajara Airport refurbishment plans set out

A phased reopening of the terminal over the next two years is expected, with plans to be fully operational by 2023

Mexican airport operator, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP) plans to invest 10 billion pesos (£3.5m) into Guadalajara International Airport before 2026.

An additional runway and new terminal building are both included in the plans, as well as a redesign of the commercial space in the existing building, costing around 6 billion pesos (£2.2m).

Architectural company, The Design Solution has been chosen to carry out the revamp, with plans to have a phased opening over the next two years before being fully opened in 2023.

Guadalajara Airport
Photo Guadalajara Airport

Benefitting from multiple expansions since 1966, the current terminal consists of a collection of airside zones, intricate circulation patterns and architectural styles. The aim of the project is to ease passenger flows, placing touchpoints from security to the boarding gate.

Graeme Johns, director of The Design Solution, said: “It’s always a challenge to transform older terminal that have evolved through piecemeal development, especially those that were predominantly assembled before commercial revenues became so important. The new designs will create a world class facility and passenger experience fitting for GAP’s ambitions to transform Guadalajara International Airport and to maximise its commercial potential.”

The architectural firm has collaborated with Pragma Consulting – the projects commercial consultants – to help create the proposal.

Previously unused space will be transformed to enlarge the commercial zone for customers. The aim is to draw passengers towards the heart of the terminal, where the newly refurbished area will have retail spaces, bars, restaurants and other customer facilities.

One of the staple pieces of the refurbishment is the flat roof canopy which is located outside the centre of the terminal. The plan is to have this area transformed into a signature feature, with the idea of placing an external garden terrace – offering casual seating, with an eating and drink destination.

Inspiration from the garden has influenced the design of the indoor food and beverage area, with the outside feel being brought indoors.

A dome shaped space is expected to be introduced after the duty-free store, with pendant lights suspended from the ceiling.

Guadalajara is home to Mexico’s software industry, also known as Mexico’s Silicon Valley. Its airport is the third largest in the country, handling almost 15m passengers throughout 2019. The construction of the new development will increase the airports capacity by 30m passengers per year.