Gun problems

A vibration problem with the Orbital/ ATK GAU-23/A 30mm cannon fitted to Air Force Special Operations Command’s AC-130J Ghostrider aircraft was identified in the FY2017 report by the Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation.

The GAU-23/A’s recoil caused mount vibration problems that led to it having to cease fire and point away from its target and return to its bore-sighted position. This issue had not been encountered by the same weapon when mounted on AC-130W Stinger IIs.

The report recommended that changes to the fire control system be made to solve the problem, rather than altering the mount and weapon. David C Isby

An AC-130J Ghostrider gunship takes off from Hurlburt Field, Florida, home of the 1st Special Operations Wing. According to official US Air Force details, the AC-130J’s primary missions are close air support including troops in contact, convoy escort and point air defence, air interdiction against pre-planned targets or targets of opportunity, and armed reconnaissance. Senior Airman Ryan Conroy/US Air Force