H145 helicopter upgraded

Hype Performance Group (HPG) has released version 0.96 of the H145 helicopter for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

H145 helicopter for MSFS

The update adds various bugs, new features, upgraded documentation and improvements to the mission system.

H145 Microsoft Flight Simulator

Other highlights include upgraded flight dynamics, a failure and damage model for the aircraft and various new settings and refinements to all variants. It also contains additional compatibility fixes for Sim Update 10.

H145 Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight model updates include adjustment to hover turbulence, rotor torque on/off option for arcade mode and vortex ring state on/off option for realistic mode. The vortex ring state model now accounts for power-on-autorotation and added pendulum effect logic.

H145 Microsoft Flight Simulator

For a full list of updates, visit the HPG website.