Has JetBlue finally been awarded Heathrow slots?

After previously missing out on take-off and landing positions at the UK’s largest airport, has the carrier finally been given the prized slots?

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, JetBlue Airways appears to have secured highly sort after slots at London Heathrow for the upcoming summer season, as it prepares to launch transatlantic flights for the first time. 

According to a report by UK slot controller Airport Coordination Limited (ACL), the New York-based operator has been granted a total of 270 take-off and landing positions starting on August 2.  

JetBlue Airways
The slot allocations begin on August 2 and continue through to October 30. Aviation Image Network/Bailey

Beginning with 14 weekly slots – enough to operate a daily service to the facility – the carrier’s allocation then rises in early September to 22 per week and 28 by the end of the month, lasting until October 30. 

The operator is yet to comment directly on its plans surrounding which London airport it has chosen to operate its debut European flights.  

However, it is thought to be favouring Heathrow services as it has previously filed a complaint with the US Department of Transportation claiming that the UK government is protecting airlines at London’s busiest airports – Gatwick and Heathrow – with slot relief which in its view is locking it out of the capital city. 

Mint Studio
JetBlue says it will debut its reimagined Mint premium product on the transatlantic services. JetBlue

Last November, it looked as though JetBlue had missed out on the opportunity to operate its transatlantic flights to Heathrow when it was only awarded slots to Gatwick and Stansted. 

It is thought the firm currently plans to make its first appearance in the transatlantic market during the third or fourth quarter of this year, operating from New York/JFK and Boston/Logan to the UK capital using Airbus A321LRs. 

Last month, the carrier revealed a reimagined version of its popular premium product Mint, which it plans to roll out on its these services.