Heathrow set to upgrade security screening equipment

The hub signed a contract with Smiths Detection, who will supply integrated checkpoints throughout the site

Global leader in threat detection security screening, Smiths Detection has been announced as the chosen suppliers of integrated checkpoints for London Heathrow – featuring the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX computed tomography X-rays.

The company want to ensure that Heathrow meets the highest regulatory requirements by implementing the EDAC EDS CB C3 approved CT systems. Features of the integrated checkpoints include iLane automatic tray return systems and Checkpoint Evo, an operation management solution.

Smiths Detection
Photo Smiths Detection

A 10-year equipment service agreement is also included in the new contract.

According to the firm, Heathrow was looking for a supplier that could integrate the lanes into the existing infrastructure, without impacting the capacity or passenger experience.

“We are delighted to once again be given the opportunity to work closely with Heathrow Airport to provide leading-edge technologies that bring the best security outcomes and passenger experience. Both Smiths Detection and Heathrow are focused on intelligent solutions that deliver efficiency, security and resilience; and these new lanes will allow for improvements to be easily integrated as technology develops,” said Roland Carter, Smiths Detection president.

The security screening company has designed the technology to improve passenger experience, increase security and enhance operational efficiency.

Smith Detection’s Hi-SCAN 6040 CTiX system provides a high level of detection with the use of 3D images. It has advanced explosives detection abilities, whilst also being able to scan baggage with electronics and liquids still inside.

Checkpoint Evo integrated individual components of the checkpoint lane into a single solution. Centralised screening is facilitated by delivering scanned images to operators based on their separate locations.

The iLane solution provides an automatic tray return system that uses a modular smart lane design.

The first lanes will be installed once passenger numbers begin to recover later this year.