Heliswiss Super Puma in the UK

Heliswiss International AS332C1 Super Puma HB-XVY visited Elstree in May to lift heavy power equipment for installation in a London building.
Ian Harding

AN UNUSUAL visitor to London Elstree Aerodrome, Hertfordshire, recently was Heliswiss International AG AS332C1 Super Puma HB-XVY (c/n 2033), which was captured on May 20, 2018, as it prepared to lift and install a heavy power system into a building in London.

The company had completed a number of heavy load lifts during a two-week period in various parts of the UK and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. Heliswiss also uses a similarly marked Kamov Ka-32A12 (HB-XKE).

A subsidiary of the Swiss Helicopter Group, Heliswiss International is a provider of heavy load flights using large helicopters operating all over the world. The company’s range of services is wide and varied, covering construction, transport, forestry and logging and humanitarian services.

Ian Harding