Helsinki unveils plans for travel centre at Terminal 2

Finland’s Helsinki Airport is to create a new travel centre as an extension of Terminal 2, offering bus, train and taxi connections

Airport operator Finavia hopes that the new facility will make the hub more easily accessible by public transport.

Helsinki Airport
Photo Wiki Commons/Tiia Monto

“You can wait comfortably for your bus indoors, as there is only a short distance to the bus stops and a direct line of sight to them through, for example, the café’s window,” said Tumo Lindstedt, project manager at Finavia. “Thanks to the new connecting corridor, the distance between the Ring Rail Line train station and Terminal 2 is now hundreds of metres shorter, which means that passengers can get to the station from the arrivals hall in just a few minutes. 

“More space has been reserved for drop-off and pick-up traffic right in front of the terminal’s main entrance, and the waiting area for taxis is separate from drop-off traffic. Short-term parking for drop-off and pick-up traffic and the new parking hall are also located in the immediate vicinity of the terminal.” 

A new dedicated bicycle parking has been created. “The airport did not previously have a bicycle parking area, so this is a big improvement for those who want to commute to the airport by bicycle,” Lindstedt added. “As part of the project, new staff rooms with showers and changing rooms were built underground to serve those who commute by bike.”