HIAL reveals plans to initiate Inverness windfarm development

The group plan to choose a tender for the new project by September 2021 

Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (HIAL) has revealed that it is looking for tenders to help develop and construct a new windfarm-friendly system for Inverness Airport.  

In a statement, the airport operator says the facility represents a step forward for wind energy production, adding that it has plans to implement similar amenities in the future.  

Inverness Airport
Photo Flickr/Mike McBay

Currently, any windfarm developments within Inverness could have an impact on the air traffic control service which may result in unsatisfactory safety issues. Therefore, a new system is required if any further projects are to take place.  

“While aviation safety must always be our priority, environmental care is a strategic objective and we are committed to supporting environmental projects wherever possible,” said Graeme Bell, Inverness Airport general manager.  

“We propose to introduce a mitigation solution that will allow windfarm developments close to our airfield to progress, whilst ensuring the safety of airport operations.” 

Graeme Day, transport minister, added: “The Scottish government is pleased that HIAL is progressing to tender for a windfarm tolerant system for Inverness airport. This is an excellent step forward to addressing the barriers to deploying renewable projects and demonstrates the commitment of both the renewable and aviation industries in achieving net-zero.” 

The HIAL board approved the initiative earlier this year – working alongside the Scottish government’s Directorate for Energy and Climate Change – and expects to pick a vender by the end of September.