Historic Aviation Quiz: August 25

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Question 1 of 10

Who was the first pilot credited with flying an outside loop on May 25, 1927, and in what aeroplane did they complete the manoeuvre?

Pyotr Nesterov, in a Nieuport IV
Glenn Curtiss, in a Curtiss Junebug II
Geoffrey de Havilland, in a de Havilland Moth
Jimmy Doolittle, in a Curtiss P-1B Hawk

Question 2 of 10

What aeroplane was Gloster chief pilot Gerry Sayer flying when he disappeared on October 21, 1942?

Desoutter Mk.I
Hawker Typhoon
Supermarine Spitfire
Avro Airspeed

Question 3 of 10

By what nickname was Cutiss-Wright’s XP-55 experimental fighter (below) better known by?


‘Curtiss Catastrophe’

Question 4 of 10

How many times did the Wright brothers – seen here during the Belmont Park Aviation Meet near New York in 1910 – take to the skies together between December 17, 1903 and Wilbur’s death on May 30, 1912?


They never flew together
More than 1,000 times
Less than 100 times
One time

Question 5 of 10

Can you identify thus ultimately cancelled 1940s British type?


Vickers Wellington Mk.VI High Altitude
Handley Page HP.540 Low Observable Bomber
Vickers Type 447 Windsor
Avro Type 1000 Lancaster (50,000ft Plus experimental)

Question 6 of 10

What is the only aeroplane in USAF history to be removed from combat status due to high loss rates?

Northrop F-89 Scorpion
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter
Boeing B-47 Stratojet
Republic F-105 Thunderchief

Question 7 of 10

What was the name assigned to the raids undertaken by Avro Vulcans during the Falklands War?


Operation Fast Attack
Operation Black Buck
Operation Plainfare
Operation Deliberate Guard

Question 8 of 10

True or False: Depleted uranium was used as a counterweight across hundreds of examples of early Boeing 747s?



Question 9 of 10

Handley-Page Halifax LV907 ‘Friday the 13th’ completed more operational missions than any other examples of the famed type. But how many was it?



Question 10 of 10

It is well known that Geoffrey de Havilland Jr. was at the controls of the prototype Mosquito on November 25, 1940, but who was in the other seat?

Joseph ‘Mutt’ Summers
Air Chief Marshal Sir Wilfrid Freeman
John E Walker
Sir Geoffrey de Havilland

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