Historic Aviation Quiz: 'The Dambusters'

Question 1 of 10

On what date was 617 Squadron formed?

Historic Quiz - May 18

May 1, 1939
May 15, 1943
The unit was not ‘officially’ formed until after the raid
March 21, 1943

Question 2 of 10

What was the official designation given to the Lancasters modified to carry Barnes Wallis’ ‘Bouncing Bomb’?

Historic Quiz - May 18

Avro Lancaster B.III Special (Type 464 Provisioning)
Avro Lancaster B.I UPKEEP (Secret)
Avro Lancaster B.II UPKEEP Capable
Avro Lancaster B.III (Low-level special)

Question 3 of 10

While only 19 aircraft took part on the raid, how many examples of the specially converted Lancasters needed for Operation Chastise were built?

Historic Quiz - May 18


Question 4 of 10

While it is well known that 24-year-old Wg Cdr Guy Gibson led the raid, who was his second in command?

Sqn Ldr George 'Johnny' Johnson
Flt Lt John Hopgood
Sqn Ldr Melvyn ‘Dinghy’ Young
Flt Lt Dave Shannon

Question 5 of 10

As well as the primary target dams – the Möhne, Sorpe and Eder Dams – three more were chosen as secondary targets. What were they?


The Lister, Ennepe, and Diemel
The Frauenau, Sylvenstein, and Oker
The Ecker, Grane, and Innerste
Neustadt, Kiliansteich, and Mandelholz

Question 6 of 10

The brainchild of Barnes Wallis and built by Vickers, the Type 464 Upkeep Mine – better known as the ‘Bouncing Bomb’ – had to be precisely dropped from a certain height and speed. What were they?

Historic Quiz - May 18

30ft at 200mph
100ft at 300mph
500ft at 150mph
60ft at 240 mph

Question 7 of 10

Where was the operations room for Operation Chastise?

ACM Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris’ office at RAF High Wycombe
Guy Gibson’s office at RAF Scampton
No.5 Group’s headquarters at St Vincente Hall
The office of the Air Ministry at Whitehall

Question 8 of 10

How many Upkeep mines were produced?

Historic Quiz - May 18



Question 9 of 10

What was the named assigned to the operation to dispose of unused Upkeeps between August and September 1946?

Historic Quiz - May 18


Operation Guzzle
Operation Dump
Operation X
Operation Rhur Goodbye

Question 10 of 10

Of the 133 men who left RAF Scampton and into the history books that fateful night, how many survived the war?

Historic Quiz - May 18


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