Historic Aviation Quiz - Eighth Air Force

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Question 1 of 10

What did USAAF Colonel Donald 'Don' Blakeslee say the 'C' code he assigned to his aircraft stood for?

Historic Quiz

'Arse End Charlie'
'The Colonel'
'The Chief Cook and Bottle Washer'
'The CO'

Question 2 of 10

What was the name of the first RAF station handed over to the United States Army Air Force during World War Two?

RAF Duxford
RAF Goxhill
RAF Bentwaters
RAF Kirmington

Question 3 of 10

How many enemy aircraft did the USAAF 4th Fighter Group (seen here briefing at Debden in 1944) claim during World War Two?

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Question 4 of 10

What was the first European target for the 97th Bomb Group on August 17, 1942?

St Nazaire submarine pens (France)
Augsburg Messerschmitt works (Germany)
Schweinfurt ballbearing factory (Germany)
Sotteville-les-Rouen railroad yards (France)

Question 5 of 10

What was the name of the lead B-17 on the first bombing raid of August 17, 1942?

'Yankee Doodle'
'Piccadilly Lillie'
'Memphis Belle'
'Wee Willie'

Question 6 of 10

On what date was the Eighth Air Force established, and where?

Historic Quiz

February 22, 1944, RAF Daws Hill
January 1, 1941, RAF Duxford
January 19, 1942, Langley Field
September 9, 1941, RAF Grafton Underwood

Question 7 of 10

What was the service ceiling of the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress?

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Question 8 of 10

Historic Quiz

What was the nickname given to radically coloured bombers used to gather formations together?

'Ring leader'
'Follow the leader'
'Assembly ship'
'Head of the flock'

Question 9 of 10

Of the 350,000 airmen who served with the Eighth Air Force in England, how many lost their lives? 

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Question 10 of 10

What name did the Luftwaffe give the four-engined American heavy bombers?

'Großes Flugzeug'
'Stählerner Regen'

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