Historic Aviation Quiz: film dialogue

Question 1 of 10

“You can teach monkeys to fly better that.”

Aces High
The Battle of Britain
A Bridge Too Far
Pearl Harbor

Question 2 of 10

“Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy…”

The Eagle has Landed
Where Eagle's Dare
Cross of Iron
The Guns of Navarone

Question 3 of 10

“Hello Pimpernel Leader, Pimpernel Leader, Sapper Calling. What are your Angels now? Over.”

The Way to the Stars
The Dam Busters
Angels One Five
Aces High

Question 4 of 10

“Let's take the 918th Group at Archbury. The hard-luck group. You lost five bombers today, didn't you? Five out of the one group. Let's see, 21 in a group. At that rate it won't take very long, will it?”

Memphis Belle
12 O'clock High
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

Question 5 of 10

“P-51 Mustang. Cadillac of the skies!”

Red Tails
Empire of the Sun
Tora! Tora! Tora!

Question 6 of 10

“Do not despair for Johnny head-in-air. He sleeps as sound as Johnny underground. Fetch out no shroud for Johnny in the cloud. And keep your tears for him in after years. Better by far for Johnny the bright star, to keep your head and see his children fed.”

The Way to the Stars
Appointment in London
Sink the Bismarck
All Quiet on the Western Front

Question 7 of 10

"The smell, you know that gasoline smell? The whole hill. Smelled like… victory. Someday this war’s gonna end.” 

The Hill
Good Morning Vietnam
Apocalypse Now

Question 8 of 10

“By the morning I’m going to be so far away you won’t hear if they’re shooting at me with howitzers?”

The Colditz Story
The Wooden Horse
Saving Private Ryan
The Great Escape

Question 9 of 10

“Mr Blake. Where can I buy a Spitfire?”

Reach for the Skies
The Battle of Britain
Darkest Hour

Question 10 of 10

“The thing that’s always worried me about being one of the Few is the way we keep getting fewer.”

Angels One Five
The Battle of Britain
The Longest Day
303 Squadron

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