Historic Aviation Quiz: Hawker Tempest

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Question 1 of 10

Designated the Design P.1012 by manufacturer Hawker, what did designer Sydney Camm initially dub the aeroplane that evolved into the Tempest

The Sabre fighter
Typhoon II
Speed Interceptor project I
Hurricane II

Question 2 of 10

Who was at the forefront of the Napier Sabre’s development?

Maxime Guillaume
Hans von Ohain
Frank Whittle
Frank Halford

Question 3 of 10

On what date did the Tempest Mk.V take to the air for the first time?

Historic Quiz - October 13

January 1, 1943
September 2, 1942
October 3, 1940
September 15, 1945

Question 4 of 10

Which Air Ministry Specification was produced specifically for the Hawker Tempest?

Historic Quiz - October 13


Question 5 of 10

On what date did the type gain its now iconic Tempest moniker?

Historic Quiz - October 13

February 28, 1942
January 1, 1942
March 3, 1942
April 24, 1942

Question 6 of 10

In what year was the Napier Sabre IIB installed in the Tempest, and how much power did it produce?

1941, 3,500hp
1940, 1,000hp
1945, 1,800hp
1944, 2,400hp

Question 7 of 10

During the mid-1940s, Tempest Mk.II NV768 was fitted with a ducted spinner (as seen here) but what was its aim?

Historic Quiz - October 13

Intake for a jet engine
A .50 Cal nose mounted canon
Investigate streamlining and reducing drag
Fit a 2,700m candela Turbinlite search light for a proposed night fighter role

Question 8 of 10

When asked about the choosing an elliptical wing planform for the Tempest, what was Sydney Camm’s response?

Historic Quiz - October 13

“The Air Staff wouldn't buy anything that didn't look like a Spitfire!”
“It was the easiest to draw!”
“I always liked that shape!”
“Why else not!”

Question 9 of 10

From what airfield did Hawker test pilot Philip Lucas complete the Tempest Mk.V prototype’s first flight?

Boscombe Down
Desford Aerodrome
Hendon Aerodrome

Question 10 of 10

The first production Tempest Mk.V flew for the first time on June 21, 1943 – but who was at the controls?

Philip Stanbury
Bill Humble
Eric Greenwood
Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown

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