Historic Aviation Quiz - English Electric Lightning

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To this day, the Lightning remains…

…the sole machine to use the de Havilland Firestreak?
…the only UK-designed-and-built fighter capable of Mach 2?
…the sole British-built jet exported to Kuwait?
…the only UK-built jet to fly in excess of 60,000ft?

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English Electric Lightning

On what date did the Lightning first fly in its P.1A form?

August 4, 1954
August 1, 1950
August 30, 1967
August 15, 1949

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The brainchild of noted aircraft designer ‘Teddy’ Petter, in what year did he lay down his first drawings for what eventually became the Lightning?


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English Electric Lightning

How many examples of the Lightning were pressed into service with Kuwait?


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What was the name of the two-seat, carrier capable variable-geometry wing fighter variant of the Lightning proposed to the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm during the 1960s?

Sea Dragon
Sea Lightning
Sea Mauler
Sea Monster

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How many squadrons operated the Lightning during its 28 years of service with the Royal Air Force?


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English Electric Lightning

Preserved at Imperial War Museum Duxford, Lightning F.1 XM135 is most famous for what?

An accidental flight in the hands of an engineer, Wg Cmd Walter ‘Taff’ Holden
Shooting down a wayward Harrier
Flying between London and Paris at Mach 1
Intercepting a United States Air Force Lockheed U-2 at 80,000ft

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English Electric Lightning

How many examples – including prototypes – of the Lightning were built?


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Powering the Lightning F.6, a single Rolls-Royce Avon 301R turbojet engine produced how much thrust in afterburner?

16,360lb st
23,150lb st
10,050lb st
13,000lb st

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Which of the RAF’s lightning variants was considered to be the ‘ultimate hot rod’?


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In 1963, 56 Squadron was selected to field the RAF's official display team using nine Lightning F.1s - what was the team's name?

The Lightning Boys
The Zoomies
The Firebirds
The Streakers

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