Historic Aviation Quiz: The pioneers

Question 1 of 10

Who is credited with undertaking the first flight in Asia on March 29, 1910?

Corsican-Indian Giacomo D'Angelis
Frenchman Louis Blériot
Peruvian Jorge Chávez
American Wilbur Wright

Question 2 of 10

What was the first aeroplane to fly with a rotary engine?

Farman III
Curtiss June Bug
Short Biplane No. 2
Fabre Hydravion Le Canard

Question 3 of 10

Who is the first pilot credited with flying a loop in a heavier than air machine on September 9, 1913, and in what aeroplane was the feat achieved?

Historic Quiz - September 29

Louis Blériot, in a Type XI monoplane
Orville Wright, in a Wright Flyer II
Alberto Santos Dumont, in a 14-bis
Pyotr Nesterov, in a Nieuport IV

Question 4 of 10

It is well known that the first shipboard take-off and landing by an airplane was made by a Curtiss Model D pusher on November 14, 1910. But who was at the controls?

Historic Quiz - September 29


Henri Farman
Edwin Harris Dunning
Glenn Curtiss
Eugene Burton Ely

Question 5 of 10

Italy was the first nation to use the aeroplane in anger when Lt Giulio Gavotti dropped grenades on Ottoman troops in Libya on November 1, 1911. But what aeroplane was he flying?

Caproni Ca.21
Etrich Taube
Morane-Saulnier AC
Avro Type D

Question 6 of 10

True or False: Gavotti is also credited with undertaking the first night mission using a heavier-than-air aircraft over Libya on March 4, 1912?


Question 7 of 10

Which British aviator was credited with the first known spin recovery in an aeroplane while piloting an Avro Type D (pictured)?

Historic Quiz - September 29

John Moore-Brabazon
Frederick Phillips Raynham
Frederick Handley Page
Howard Wright

Question 8 of 10

On May 10, 1913, pioneering French aviator. Didier Masson gained notoriety in aviation when he carried out the first what?

Historic Quiz - September 22

Air display over the White House
Propaganda drop
Wing-to-wing transfer
Flight with a monarch

Question 9 of 10

Who was Eugenie Mikhailovna Shakhovskaya (left)?

Historic Quiz - September 29


First female military pilot
First pilot to operate from a submarine
First pilot to intentionally down another aircraft
First pilot to cross Russia

Question 10 of 10

In August 1912, a Short S.33 biplane was flown between the upper and lower parts of Tower Bridge, the then underneath London Bridge. Who was at the controls?

Historic Quiz - September 29

Claude Grahame-White
Geoffrey De Havilland
Francis McClean
Benny Hucks

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