Historic Aviation Quiz - September 1

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Question 1 of 10

In what year did the US Navy flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, accept its first McDonell Douglas F-4 Phantom?

Historic Quiz - September 1


Question 2 of 10

Can you identify this famous 1930s sports aircraft? 

Historic Quiz - September 1

Granville Gee Bee R-6
Adcox Cloud Buster
Laird-Turner Meteor LTR-14
Wedell-Williams Model 44

Question 3 of 10

What was the misspelt anagram used by Handley Page to disguise parts of the prototype as a boat when transferring them between the production site at Radlett and Boscombe Down for the first flight?


Question 4 of 10

On what date did the Avro CF-105 Arrow take to the skies for the final time?

Historic Quiz - September 1

February 20, 1959
December 25, 1959
January 1, 1959
February 19, 1959

Question 5 of 10

Can you identify this British fighter from the 1920s?

Historic Quiz - September 1

Hawker Hawfinch
De Havilland DH.77
Supermarine Sea King
Fairey Pintail

Question 6 of 10

On June 6, 1944, a United States Army Air Force Douglas C-47 led the main airborne invasion of Normandy – what was the name of that aeroplane?

'The SNAFU Special'
'That’s All… Brother'
'Kilroy was here'
'Night Fright'

Question 7 of 10

How many pilots in total flew the ultimately cancelled TSR-2?

Historic Quiz - September 1


Question 8 of 10

Although the USAF officially withdrew the F-104 in 1969, the US Air National Guard (USANG) continued operating the type until 1975. Which USANG was the last user?

South Carolina Air National Guard
Tennessee Air National Guard
Puerto Rico Air National Guard 
Arizona Air National Guard

Question 9 of 10

Can you identify this experimental type of the 1950s?

Historic Quiz - September 1


North American X-10
Bell X-9 Shrike
Lockheed F-10X Interceptor
Consolidated Unmanned Fighter 1950

Question 10 of 10

During World War Two, the Short Stirling was credited with flying some 18,440 sorties, dropping 27,821 tons of bombs and laying some 20,000 mines were laid. But how many examples were lost in action?

Historic Quiz - September 1


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