How the de Havilland story began

As we begin our week-long celebration of de Havilland’s 100th anniversary, we look back at where it all began…


On September 25, 2020, the de Havilland Aircraft Company Limited was born, kickstarting a period of aviation innovation that still seems remarkable 100 years later.

To mark the occasion, Key.Aero visited the incredible de Havilland Museum near Watford, and spoke to the museum’s curator, Alistair Hodgson. All week, you can watch Alistair chat through de Havilland’s amazing history, focusing on some of their iconic aircraft – and many of the lesser-known tales associated with them.

In actual fact, we were lucky enough to see the museum’s brand new Geoffrey de Havilland hangar, containing some of the company’s most stunning aircraft. It’s been five years in the making and only opened in February, but obviously Coronavirus has slightly got in the way of people seeing it. Until now that is. Trust us: there are some brilliant and ultra-rare exhibits to see here.

We’re delighted to see the de Havilland Museum – and many others – open for business once more. Get yourself along there and see this awe-inspiring collection of historic de Havillands for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.