Huntsville International partners with logistics firm

By establishing a new base at the hub, Kerry Logistics plans to inaugurate cargo flights across the US from Asia

Hong-Kong based firm, Kerry Logistics Limited, is partnering with Huntsville International Airport to establish a base at the hub to provide a new trans-pacific air cargo service that connects a range of destinations in Asia to the US.

Kerry Logistics
Photo Kerry Logistics

The company offers air freight amenities to customers, especially those looking for a long-term solution. It also states that it delivers cargo of all sizes – ranging from small packages to large products, including lithium batteries.

“We chose Huntsville as our Americas air freight hub for KCN as it is congestion-free and enjoys expedited transfer of cargo to Latin America and Mexico,” said Kevin Bulger, chief operating officer of USA, Kerry Logistics Network. “With cooperation from HSV, we will be able to execute swift dispatch of cargoes to cities within the USA and Canada. KCN will be a welcomed service in the increasingly tight air cargo market and meet the demands of customers looking for a lasting and reliable solution to their air freight needs.”

Barbie Peek, director of business development for the Port of Huntsville, added: “HSV is home to the second longest runway in the Southeast United States at 12,600 feet along with a 10,000-foot runway, providing uncongested operations. On-site US customs presence contributes to HSV’s more effective and efficient operation when compared to overcrowded gateways.”

Kerry Logistics plans to operate multiple aircraft on a weekly basis from specified points across Asia.