The airframe that will form the basis of Hawker Restorations’ next Hurricane project.

When ‘BE505’/G-HHII flies again, which hopefully will take place towards the end of this year, Hawker Restorations will embark in earnest on its next Hurricane restoration project. “The centresection jig has the centre-section spars in it now”, says Andrew Wenman, “and we’re building them up. If we sell [G-HHII] and don’t have a buyer for this next one, we will configure it as a two-seater, most likely. To speculatively build a single-seater would be more of a risk, we think, than a two-seater, just because the two-seater has the commercial aspect to it. All of the design work will hopefully have been done by then, so as we build it we will just incorporate the modifications into it.”

The centre-section in question is from another Canadian Car and Foundry-built MkXII, recovered from Canada. The primary structure is made of flightworthy materials and can go into the restoration.