IAI selects Connext software for OPAL framework

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has selected software framework company Real-Time Innovations (RTI) to deliver its Connext distributed data service (DDS) as part of its Operational Avionics Layer (OPAL) application framework.

The OPAL system services as the infrastructure for networking connectivity, data sharing, and operative actions for air, land and naval forces. In using RTI’s Connext DDS, it is envisaged that IAI will be able to provide defence customers implement new applications more quickly, reduced operational costs and decrease developmental complexity.

OPAL simulator
The need to reduce the amount of time required to perform software upgrades has been a persistent issue for military aerospace. IAI

In addition, in a July 13 release IAI said that the OPAL application framework built on Connext DDS will enable companies to meet Modular Open Systems Approach programme requirements.

Adding new software applications to an airborne platform can be a lengthy process, taking several years and costs hundred of millions of dollars. In using the Connext DDS, IAI stated that it was able to reduce the process of application addition from around 60 months to five months.

Another element of basing OPAL on the DDS standard is that it aligns the system with the Future Airborne Capability Environment Technical Standard, Edition 3.1, which defines an open avionics environment for all military airborne platform types.