Il-112V Production Facility

Production of the United Aircraft Corporation Ilyushin Il-112V twin-turboprop airliner will take place at the MiG facility at Lukhovitsy, which will also produce MiG-35 fighters. This facility will produce 12 airliners per year. Russian president Vladimir Putin announced on January 27: “We have made the decision regarding a source of funding. [It] will be accomplished on time, and we will see an upgraded aircraft, which will be broadly applied and used by domestic airlines.” The first two Il-112V prototypes – one will be used for static testing – are being built by the Voronezh Joint-Stock Airplane-Building Company. The first flight is scheduled for June 2017. The Sokol facility at Nizhny Novgorod will build Il-112Vs. The Il-112V will enter airline service in 2019.

Putin’s announcement followed a statement on January 23 by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin that, to encourage the purchase and use of Russian-built airliners, foreign-built airliners may be barred from unspecified routes to Russia’s far east and international destinations In a similar move, Ukraine announced in January that it would attempt to impose a tax on operators of leased 44 to 110-seat passenger airliners with an operating empty weight of 10,000kg (22,046lb) to 30,000kg (66,138lb) in an attempt to encourage orders of Antonov-built airliners.