Il-80 and Il-82 command post upgrades

Russian News Agency TASS reported on May 30, that initial experimental design work to upgrade the Russian Air Force’s Ilyushin Il-80 and Il- 82 airborne command posts has been completed and work is now underway to upgrade operational platforms.

The Il-80 is based on the commercial Il-86 airliner and the Il-82 is a derivative of the Il-76 transport aircraft.

TASS reported Russia’s Deputy Defence Minister Alexei Krivoruchko as saying: “Now we have started modifying airborne command posts based on the Il-80 and Il-82 the chief developer of the onboard communications and control system, [Russian aerospace and development company Polyot] has successfully wrapped up its experimental design work on the upgrade.”

Krivoruchko also told TASS that Russia will develop an airborne command post of the Mil Mi-38 helicopter, which is designed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.

He said: “The Polyot Research and Production Enterprise is known as the supplier of reliable airborne systems of providing communications at various levels. We are planning to start work with Polyot this year on creating an airborne command-post-based on the Mi-38 helicopter.”